Langley Schools Music Project, The - Innocence & Despair
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Langley Schools Music Project, The - Innocence & Despair

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Brand new. Sealed 2xLP.

The 19 tracks on THE LANGLEY SCHOOLS MUSIC PROJECT document a 60-voice chorus of rural Canadian school children, age 9-12, recorded in 1976-1977. Technically untrained but mesmerized by melodic magic, the students sing from-the-heart renditions of tunes by the Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, The Bay City Rollers, and others. They accompany themselves with the shimmering gamelan-like chimes of Orff percussion instruments and elemental rock trimmings arranged by their "gypsy" music teacher, Hans Fenger.

These recordings, caught on 2-track tape in a Western Canada school gym, weren't staged to achieve money or fame, sell albums or land a record contract. These kids played music because they loved it. Innocent, flawed and bittersweet, guided by Fenger's unsuspecting genius, these recordings brim with charm and adolescent elan, sparked by flashes of lo-fi Spectorian majesty and PET SOUNDS subtlety. Call it folk art, outsider, or campfire rock -- the labels don't matter. These are gorgeous, heavenly artifacts. The Langley Schools Music Project was produced for first commercial issue by IRWIN CHUSID (Raymond Scott, Esquivel, Shaggs, Songs in the Key of Z).

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