Various Artists - I Believe I'll Go Back Home (1906-1959)
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Various Artists - I Believe I'll Go Back Home (1906-1959)

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Brand new. Sleeved but not sealed.

A sequel (of sorts) to the I Don't Feel At Home In this World Anymore compilation. The stone cold beautiful African guitar playing and singing of Sabelo and G. Wayawaya, the intense Native American country music of Jenks 'Tex' Carman, the great Tex Mex of Lydia Mendoza, the heavy hypnotic Cajun sounds of Amede Ardion and Dennis McGee, the shimmeringly beautiful singing and playing of the Genial Hawaiians, the deep deep deep Rembetika of Marika Papagika, the soulful gospel of Blind Willie Davis, the sacred Indian sounds of T.R. Mahalingham and Khansahib Abdul Karim Khan, the early Jewish mysticism of Max Leibowitz, the dark Cuban rumbles of Sexteto Bologna and much more. Here we have a diverse cross section of the world's music - a unifying sound during divisive times. Old school 'tip on' cover.