Tim Maia - Nobody Can Live Forever
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Tim Maia - Nobody Can Live Forever

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Brand new.  Sealed album. 

World Psychedelics Classics 4 - Newly Remastered 

Tim Maia, THE Brazilian Funk Soul Godfather was the real thing.  His 1970 debut album introduced his audacious talent, as well as North American soul and funk musical influences, forever changing Brazilian popular music.  His legendary appetites sought out carnal AND spiritual fulfillment in equal measure.  He bought 100 hits of LSD and handed them out to the staff of his record label.  At the height of his mid-70s success he joined the Cult of Racional Energy; watching for spaceships while wearing only white clothes and playing only white instruments!  Yet the two albums he recorded for the Cult are among his best.  His songs search for love, and they dig into the existential.  His own lyrics say it best: "I am so groovy now and I don't care!"