Swamp Dogg - Gag a Maggott
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Swamp Dogg - Gag a Maggott

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Brand new. Sealed album.

Splatter vinyl.

The 1973 soul classic. Out of print on Alive since 2013.

Great cover of "In the Midnight Hour" and lots of love and money in the lyrics. Granted, "Wife Sitter" is as nasty as Jody songs get, mostly because Dogg plays the cuckold-making Jody with such relish. And to call your sweetest love song "I Couldn't Pay for What I Got Last Night" is to combine the two themes more intimately than most soul men consider necessary. Nor do most soul men drive so hard-- Ivan Olander's drums, Little Beaver's guitar, even the horns of the Swamp Dogg Band maintain a fierce momentum that's not conventional at all. -ROBERT CHRISTGAU

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