RSD2020 - Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen
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RSD2020 - Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen

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On December 1, 1990 Galaxie 500 played their last European show, in Copenhagen. The show was recorded and released as the live album named for the city. On the 20th anniversary of the release of Copenhagen the album, a special edition is being released by the band for Record Store Day 2020. The etching on the album features artwork from tattoo artist Matt Crocker. 

SIDE A: 1 Decomposing Trees 2 Fourth of July 3 Summertime
SIDE B: 1 Sorry 2 When Will You Come Home 3 Spook
SIDE C: 1 Listen, the Snow is Falling 2 Here She Comes Now 3 Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste
SIDE D Etching